Building Our Legacy #2

We started Royal Legacy in 2013 without any knowledge on how to run a clothing company. We also didn't truly know what the brands purpose was. We just liked clothing and wanted to make quality, better fitting clothes with simple designs.

We spoke a lot about being a King and being a Queen. Which wasn't terrible because we were still trying to promote living a higher standard of life. Over time we just felt that the branding wasn't exactly what we wanted.

Fast forward to 2022, we know exactly what the brand purpose is. We are no longer a clothing brand. We are a MOTIVATION BRAND. Our purpose is to motivate and inspire everyone to want better, do better and be better. When you see someone wearing Royal Legacy Clothing, you'll know they are focused on doing good and finding happiness.

Our content will be motivational and inspirational in many ways. Financially, home life, community efforts, work life, etc. Our goal is to have you wake up every morning and know what type of Legacy you are building; for you, your family and those around you.

What's your Legacy going to be?

Dylan Betcher


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