Building Our Legacy #3

New Month, New Opportunity to Start Fresh

Recipe for success and happiness (in my opinion):

1. Passion: You need to love what you are doing. Work, business, relationship, family, etc.

2. Knowledge: You need to learn what it takes to be the best you can be in work, business, relationship, family, etc.

3. Goals: Set long term and short term goals to achieve new things and reach great heights if you desire.

4. Execution: You have to actually do what you've learned, you have to actually follow the plan to achieve your goals. Too many people let their lives fly by without executing their plan of action.

5. Consistency: The hardest part of reaching success and true happiness is consistency. It becomes easier if you have a true passion and love for what you are doing.

Do these 5 things in order and I truly believe you will reach the level of success you desire and become as happy as possible.

- Dylan Betcher


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