Building Our Legacy #4

We are excited to announce we will be making our first donation this week to both the City Life Lansing Love the City Fund and STOMP Out Bullying. No matter how big or how small the donation, we know it will go to good use. We are actively looking for team members to represent Royal Legacy at the Love The City events. My personal goal is to speak at schools about bullying and motivate the youth to stay on track. I think the sooner people grasp the idea that we all leave behind a Legacy, the sooner they stay focused on doing good. I've oddly enough started getting this itch to look into the best way to try and become President one day. Crazy right? Either way, I will continue to use Royal Legacy as a platform to try and inspire as many people to live more meaningful lives. Have a great Monday and rest of your week! - Dylan Betcher Co-Owner
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